Lara H. on Nov 26, 2022
Source: YELP_API

Placed an order online for delayed delivery. Order arrived 2 hours early. I called the location and a very rude young man told me it didn't come through that way. I told him they may need to look at the system at which time he told me it had worked previously so there was nothing wrong. I asked to speak to a manager and he asked me what I wanted to talk to him about as "he would want to know". I said goodbye before saying something I'd regret. My husband then called and asked for the manager. He was also asked why and he just said he wanted to speak with the manager. The manager said there was nothing he could do. No apology, no "we will look into what might have happened" Nothing. We will not order from them again.

Diiane C. on Nov 26, 2022
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Pizza was over baked when buying by the slice UGH, expected better for my lunch special.

JaynReese M. on Nov 26, 2022
Source: YELP_API

First time ordering from Westshore my cousin told me about it so I said what the hell. So it's game day and we called first I called the one out by us in Trinity those folks are damn RUDE. I hate bad service omg do I ever! So my husband and I drove out to the location in Tarpon. Walked in the guy was friendly and helpful. We ordered a meat lovers 18 inch pizza. The pizza isn't bad at all also. From some reviews online I'm one that likes to make my own opinions and I don't see why people would be upset cause honestly like I said the pizza isn't bad and I have had some nasty pizza this is no we're close to that. My husband said the pizza is one of those that is good fresh n hot. we got garlic knots as well not bad . We definitely will be back again!

Lynna S. on Nov 26, 2022
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Husband and I were in the mood for some great pizza! We found it!! The jalapeño poppers and mozzarella sticks were amazing! I wish the girls service was a little better, sometimes you can't have it all. Will go back!

Geoffrey B. on Nov 26, 2022
Source: YELP_API

Three Strikes and You're Out! 1) They gave me a sub with only 3 of the 9 toppings I had ordered and paid for. 2) They did not bring me the fries I ordered. 3) I had to walk a block to get my delivery from the driver because she did not follow my instructions and ended up on a dead end. So, I drove my wrong, incomplete, and uneaten order back to them in person and they blamed their website!! The cashier also said he usually calls people about the website problem but they were too busy to call me to explain my order (But they weren't too busy to give me a sub only 3 items for $12.48) The manager came out and I asked for a refund of my incorrect item a couple times, but the manager insisted he'd make the sub correctly. I had already paid for delivery and had to drive to the I had lost my patience so I left. Ultimately...I recommend that you DO NOT order delivery from this location and DON'T USE THE WEBSITE for any of their locations as the employees here told me there is a problem with it that they can't fix. And by the way, I never did get my refund...they charged me $12.48 for a sub with cheese, yellow peppers and oil only...they totally FORGOT the Lettuce, Onions, Tomato, Green Peppers, Salt, Pepper, and the french fries I ordered. I asked for a refund twice. Something is not right.


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