Bryon K. on Nov 26, 2022
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HELL YEA!! Fresh, made to order food! It flavorful and, personally, I feel one of a kind. Never had anything like this place

Makaela M. on Nov 26, 2022
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The Nashville chicken tenders were delicious! Well seasoned and very good chicken. I also ordered cheese frys but was displeased only because I prefer a liquid style cheese like nacho cheese versus melted cheese. Overall though the frys by themselves were very good. Lastly, I ordered cheese sauce for the side and kings dipping sauce, again I was disappointed with the cheese because it was VERY watery. Not sure why but I was sort of suspicious. The kings sauce was very good and definitely recommend getting it with the chicken tenders. I know I sounds crazy about my cheese but it was one thing that I do enjoy to eat with frys or spicy tenders. Food was great though!

Tanner M. on Nov 26, 2022
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Hot Chicken..... The Nashville staple that swept the country a few year ago! As a fried chicken lover and lover of all things spicy, this craze had ME written all over it. I have tried hot chicken all across this country, and King of the Coop is King of Tampa Bay with their hot chicken. Perfectly spiced chicken and always hot & juicy. My only knock would be that King of the Coop doesn't offer traditional bone-in hot chicken. But other than that, DELICIOUS!

Dallas S. on Nov 26, 2022
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A great place / service is sometimes slower than you like but it's great food. Nice people .

Olivia C. on Nov 26, 2022
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Food was good. The service wasn't so great. Took forever to get our food and our loaded fries were messed up. They had bad on on them and it even said on the receipt no bacon. But definitely will go back again for those fries.


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