Stephano V. on Nov 25, 2022
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Here's my experience at west shore. I placed my order, got to the location, and after an hour of waiting they told me they never started the order. There were about 6 guys working and no one told the cooks to make the order. I paid and waited there like an idiot after paying for my food. How does a whole hour go by and no one informed the cooks of my order. I had to complain to even figure out what happened to my order. I probably would've waited there another hour if I didn't ask. I'm giving them two stars because they at least gave me my money back and apologized. They didn't offer me anything else. It truly didn't even seem like they cared about people's food. I hope the owner corrects this. This is exactly how you lose customers.

Kristina W. on Nov 25, 2022
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Place is clean! There were 2 female workers. One was really good! The other was wearing glasses and could have cared less on helping me really. However, the lady sitting behind the desk saved the experience! She made sure my pizza was extra crispy and had everything I needed! I loved that! I think the other girl is just really young and has stuff to learn. However, the pizza was awesome by the slice! I live slices and this didn't disappoint. I got the meat lovers and the pepperoni.

L B. on Nov 25, 2022
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What happened to this place ????? Pizza use to be good when I first moved to Florida from up north ... came back and I would rather go buy little ceasers for $5 instead .. nasty pizza even the coke from the soda machine rates like trash .. place looks dirty as well !! YOUVE VEEN WARNED

Michael I. on Nov 25, 2022
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We order from here a lot. We mostly got their Philly cheesesteak, chicken Parmesan or pizza. From what we order the food is pretty good but remember to always ask for extra sauce I am ordering the chicken Parmesan. Will definitely come back here again and order from them!

Katherine G. on Nov 25, 2022
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Westshore Pizza is a neighborhood pizza joint that I have come to appreciate when a group of 15-20 show up after a little league or flag football game with 8-10 kids in tow. There are tables inside and tables outside. The staff is beyond patient and tries to be exceptionally efficient. You place your order at the counter and get a number so the staff can find you in the sea of tables. At this point, I have tried so many things on the menu. I happen to love (yes, love) the chicken cheese steak with provolone cheese, banana peppers and lettuce. Get over yourselves Philly cheese steak lovers. I have created a mutant and I happen to love it. That said I have also had the Philly Cheese Steak served as required by Philly law and its damn good too. The pizzas are good with a meaningful we-let-the-dough-rise crust (vs the ever popular saltine-cracker-thin crust). The topping-to-cheese ratio totally depends on the busy-ness level of the joint. I've had heavy topping pizzas (I like the white pizza with spinach, mushrooms and tomato added) and I've had a couple of pizzas where it was hard to get a bite with all toppings at one time. I've also tried the greek and caesar salad (fairly pedestrian), the eggplant parm (wouldn't get again) and the beloved garlic knots. Worn out child athletes scream for the knots and eat them by the dozens. I give five stars to the incredible patience provided me when I am standing at a counter ordering for 20 people who all change their minds mid-order, for the way the servers can handle multiple beers and pitchers at the same time, for the willingness of the staff to "rush" another order of garlic knots and for the way they deftly handle competitive parents who feel a need to relive the highs and lows of a ball game. Yes, there is better craft pizza out there. They don't have a wood grill and do use some canned ingredients. But its good reliable better-than-delivery-chain pizza and some "I love them" cheese steaks. Oh, and get the knots.


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