Melissa M. on Nov 25, 2022
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We ordered from this establishment tonight. We ordered an 18 in specialty pizza and a full size specialty stromboli for delivery. This is the third time we have ordered from this establishment in as many weeks. Tonight was extremely disappointing. The order took 1 hour, 25 minutes to be delivered. Upon delivery, the pizza was 14 in and the stromboli was half size. The food was also cold; as in, the cheese was hard. Upon calling the establishment, we were told that we ordered and received the smaller portions and were charged accordingly. If that was an accurate assessment, then we paid $17 for the stromboli and $18 for the pizza. This would mean that we were charged $12 for delivery and tax. This seems extremely excessive, especially because this is before gratuity for the delivery driver. We understand that establishments are busy on Saturday night and there are added expenses because of inflation/supply chain issues; however the establishment is exactly 1.1 miles from our home and we have not previously experienced this poor quality, customer service and response to our concerns. Bottom line, order from somwhere, anywhere else.

Julie A. on Nov 25, 2022
Source: YELP_API

Pizza is not bad, but the service is awful! And don't order delivery, unless you are willing to hunt it down!

Susan Y. on Nov 25, 2022
Source: YELP_API

I just tried to order 12 wings and. Garlic knots...the prices on the menu are different from what they r telling u..she said the menu was old...u need to update them...reading the responses from management...I have never heard anybody so rude in my life..u don't talk to customers that way..they are the ones that keep your business going..

Paul L. on Nov 25, 2022
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Horrible delivery. Ordered at 1115 in the morning. Estimated delivery time was 1209 PM. It's now 1247 PM. No food yet. Tried calling but they wouldn't answer the phone. Stay away.

Misty L. on Nov 25, 2022
Source: YELP_API

Order placed at 2:27pm on a Monday. (Not a holiday, not a Friday, not a weekend.... Just a regular Monday.) Just received my order... at 6:10pm. Called multiple times starting at 3:45pm and no answer. A man called me at 4:45 and told me that his morning person called out so he didn't open the store until 5pm. He refused to give me his name and was incredibly rude. My order was placed at 2:27pm online and the website took my payment with no problem. At 5:45 with still no pizza, we called again and we're told the driver was in the way. (This place is about 2 miles from our house.) At 6:08 the delivery driver called and said he was lost. At 6:10, my bf met him in the parking lot because he couldn't find our apartment and he was rude and said it was late because he couldn't find us so it was our fault. He has been here multiple times before. The pizza arrives burnt and cold. When I called the store because of the delivery guys behavior, the same guy we had spoken to about our order being 4 hours late told me he was the owner and hung up on me. He also told us not to order from him anymore. If he is truly the owner, I can't imagine he'll be in business very long with that attitude and mindset. I couldn't even be mad because I was so in shock at everything he was saying. We typically order from there at least once a week, but as he requested, we will never order from there again. I'm still shocked. I've never waited 4 hours for pizza before. He didn't even apologize. It was our fault for ordering online. It was our fault we didn't know that someone called out and the owner/manager chose to open at 5. It was our fault the delivery driver couldn't find our apartment. Unbelievable. He said he would give us a refund if we drove the pizza back to the store. Lol We did ask if everyone that placed an order before 5 had their money taken and didn't receive food, his response was "Yes. Didn't you hear what I said?!" So fkn rude. So if you don't mind not knowing when your food will arrive and whether or not the owner decided to show up to work on time or not, this is your place. I'm still baffled that the owner of a business would just randomly choose to not open his business until 5 pm after allowing orders and money to be taken all day. Again, at his request, we will never order from here again.


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