Mark D. on Nov 25, 2022
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Pizza was okay. Service was okay. Value was okay. I wanted wings too but they were priced very, very high. I asked for a menu when I arrived for my carry out order. I was given an old ripped menu. There apparently were specials but the menu was torn. Whatever. I was the only person in the store. I suppose I expected a slightly better experience, being the sole customer. I don't know. I guess restaurants are more used to folks ordering delivery. Not the worst experience but not the best either.

Cynthia B. on Nov 25, 2022
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Love love love their Philly cheese steak! Customer service always great!! Foods always ready in 15-20mins.

Joe H. on Nov 25, 2022
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The pizza wasn't horrible but it would have probably been better if the delivery driver didn't drop it. I thought something wasn't right when the delivery driver pulled the pizza out of the bag at almost a vertical angle and handed it to me then literally power walked away. When I called the restaurant the girl on the phone said that the pizza couldn't be refunded due to it was delivered to a hotel and had an "I don't care" attitude. I wouldn't recommend this place. There's plenty of other pizza restaurants in town

Andria M. on Nov 25, 2022
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We went to check this place out the other night, I didn't even want to go in by the looks of the outside. Well, we did walk in and then walked straight out. The counter person didn't acknowledge us, and the pizza was in a glass case that looked like it should be thrown away. No thanks!

The Food Critic L. on Nov 25, 2022
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Ummm just not sure how people think this is good? It was recommended to me and I will 100% never buy it again or initially eat it again. A total waste of money.


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